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Wink Crypto Review

While it’s true that many of the other crypto projects in existence today don’t have a corresponding blockchain, Wink is a promising option. Its underlying philosophy is based on decentralization and blockchain technology. Nevertheless, the Wink team seems to be lacking transparency and a certain amount of credibility. This lack of transparency is evident in the fact that Wink does not mention the name of its founders anywhere on its website or blog. In addition, there is no way to find out whether the team behind the coin has actually acquired a license to use the currency. Moreover, the Wink team has a reputation for constantly asking for personal details from its holders.

The WIN token is the currency used by Wink. This coin is built on the TRON blockchain. It is a TRC-20 utility coin. Its creators intend for it to be used as a payment method in games. Its creators plan to use the WIN token to reward users for their contributions, including providing governance rights and staking rewards. The Wink crypto allows other external Dapps to use it and airdrop their tokens to Wink coin holders.

The Wink crypto price has been bearish in recent weeks. The cryptocurrency hit its lowest value around a week ago, and then bounced off a bounce. Nonetheless, it was unable to maintain its uptrend and cross the All-time high. While Wink crypto may be a good investment, it should be only a small portion of your portfolio. Considering that the project has already fallen 91 percent from its all-time high, it might be in the market for a bullish affect in the short term. A bullish impact would need a compressed loss of $ 0.00025 before it could start climbing up.

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