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After discovering threading in London, Filipa Munoz de Oliveira decided to bring this ancient Portuguese art to Portugal. However, it wasn’t easy to find a threading expert in Portugal, so she started her business from scratch. In 2007, she opened her first shop and soon conquered the Portuguese with its ancestral threading. However, she faced many problems with its first location. Since then, she has expanded into 15 more countries, and her name has become synonymous with threading voxbliss.

With an expansive team of staff, Wink needs to be a leader. She has several supervisors, and regular meetings with employees. Despite the size of her team, she is still not sure how to motivate and manage her staff. That is why she sought help from One Step Ahead – Lideranca in Feminino program. This course provides women with the skills and knowledge they need to move up the corporate ladder stylesrant.

Wink was established in 2007. Their services are available in several locations in the country. Besides permanent pestanas, they also provide personal consultations for each client tvboxbee. Moreover, they sell various hair care products, including desmaquilhante, fixant, and lapis sobrancelhas. The shop also specializes in threading. It offers hair removal services for both men and women. The company is well-known in shopping centers all over the country therightmessages.

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