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Whether you want to purchase a product or receive information, Wink is here to help. The service collects responses from users and forwards them to the appropriate merchandiser, advertiser, or programmer. You can trust Wink, as they provide a secure, efficient system for receiving your responses. You can even contact the Wink Response Center for customized quotes. To learn more, visit the Wink website. Its services are available to both businesses and individuals in the Greater Bay Area.

The company will offer targeting products for interactive ads. These products will help advertisers choose demographic delivery parameters and test a variety of special offers. They will also offer reporting on ad delivery and viewer interaction. Additionally, Wink will give you a breakdown of viewer interaction and ad response rate by demographic. For the ultimate convenience of advertisers, Wink will also allow you to track ad delivery and audience interactions, so you can better target your audience.

The technology is available for commercial use in California and other states. Charter Communications, a local cable provider, has deployed Wink on advanced analog set top boxes in its systems in St. Louis, Missouri, Maryville, Illinois, and Kingsport, Tennessee. The company plans to deploy Wink on Scientific Atlanta Explorer Series set top boxes in Ft. Worth, Texas. In addition to this, Charter Communications is planning to deploy Wink on advanced analog set top boxes.

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