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What Will Technology Look Like in the Near Future?

What will the near future look like? Imagine the world where we will produce our own energy, no longer needing power plants or fossil fuels. In ten years, robots will be able to think and learn as we do. By 2030, space travel will become common. And computers will be so powerful and network connectivity so fast that small data centres will be enough to accommodate humanity. The technology that we use today, such as smartphones, will be obsolete, and holography will replace the need for televisions, phones, and the Internet. Moreover, holographic technology will provide us with odour, touch, and taste. slbux

There are many risks to the global economy, however. In developed countries, robots and machine learning have improved productivity and the economy as a whole. Innovation has increased the performance of countries that have invested in innovation, resulting in tremendous growth in overall economic performance. In the long term, technology advancements will help the workforce by reducing the need for workers. However, there are also risks to society. One potential risk of technological change is the lack of proper strategy for dealing with the tidal wave of change.

AI is already starting to impact virtually every major industry. For example, Bloomberg is already using Cyborg technology and the Associated Press employs Automated Insights to produce 3,700 earnings stories each year. In the retail sector, Google has developed an AI assistant, which understands context and nuance. Until autonomous cars are ready to roll, it will take decades before the technology is perfected. mywikinews


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