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What is Email Marketing to Existing Customers?

When it comes to marketing your business, there are two types of email messages you can send: acquisition emails and retention emails. Acquisition emails tend to feature giveaways, discounts, free eBooks, and buyers’ guides. Retention emails are typically welcome messages and alerts about new products. They can also contain up-selling and cross-selling offers, such as reminders for orders for perishable goods. Here are some examples of each type of email.

Sending email marketing messages at the right time is key. If you’re sending out promotional emails at the wrong time, your customers will be confused and frustrated, and they’ll unsubscribe from your list. Instead, send out emails that are timely and relevant to them. Once your customers start unsubscribing, they’ll have little reason to buy from you again. And when they’re buying something, they want it now, not tomorrow.

If you want to keep your subscribers engaged, send out email newsletters that contain exclusive deals and promotions. If your customers haven’t purchased from you in a while, offer them a discount based on their last purchase. The best part is that they won’t mind the occasional email from you – even if they didn’t purchase anything recently. That’s because you can send them a discount code or offer a free product in return for an email subscription.

Another type of email marketing to existing customers is transactional email. Transactional emails are automatic messages sent after a customer takes a certain action on your website. It might be a purchase confirmation, a notification that an order is in process, or an update on a purchase. Transactional emails are often plain text emails. These emails are generally sent once per day and are easy to read. If they’re not, you might not want to send them. Make the most of every customer interaction with transactional email marketing. When customers take an action on your website, you can use automated messages to deliver purchase confirmations and updates – helping build trust & loyalty as they move through their journey. Sending plain text emails once a day is helpful in ensuring all communications are easy-to-read, providing added value for potential buyers or existing users alike! Need specialist talent? Consider Employer of Record Korea to help source overseas digital marketing experts for your business today.


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