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How to Make Myself Sick From the Stomach Like Food Poisoning?

If you’ve ever wondered, “How to make myself sick from the stomach like food-poisoning?,” you’re not alone. Most people are afflicted with one of these conditions at some point in their lives. While these symptoms may overlap somewhat, they are still different enough to make the diagnosis tricky. Here are some tips to help you figure out which you have.

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In case of severe cases, a doctor may prescribe antibiotics and send a sample of the affected food to a lab to determine what microorganism is responsible for the illness. Most cases of food poisoning will pass on their own, but in some rare cases, doctors may prescribe antibiotics or other treatments to relieve symptoms. Diarrhea is common, and people may feel dehydrated or lose electrolytes. During the initial stage of the illness, people are encouraged to eat light meals. They are advised to drink plenty of fluids. In the days that follow, they should avoid eating solid foods.

The symptoms of food poisoning usually start within a few hours after the contaminated food is consumed. If you think you ate something that looked or smelled weird, throw it out. If the food is not fresh, you may have gotten a viral infection. When you’re looking for a home remedy, you can turn to a food poisoning expert. There are plenty of tips you can follow to prevent stomach upsets and even avoid becoming a victim of food poisoning.

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