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Few Things To Do When Your Canine Refuses To Obey You

Nothing can be more annoying and irritating than not being listened to. When it comes to your dog not listening to you then the situation can really be more than annoying, it can be dangerous. There may be numerous reasons why your dog is not listening to your commands. Most times it’s not that your canine doesn’t want to listen to you, your pup is just so worked up over something so engrossing and exciting that it takes time to get his focus back on you. 

Puppy owners may have had those days when their furry baby just refused to listen to them. Ignoring its human parent’s commands and continuing to do whatever it wants to do is the typical “You are not my boss” behavior.

Rolling in the mud, not leaving the dog park, dropping something icky on the floor, and tearing up pillows, socks, shoes, or clothes are some dog behaviors that puppy parents find appalling. Getting the situation under control requires a lot of patience and coaxing the pup to stop wreaking havoc indoors.

Sometimes a fur baby may surrender to its owner’s command, and other times it may not. There could be days when it may injure itself and others with its cranky antics. This is one reason why puppy parents must consider being prepared with dog insurance. Pet insurance costs can be pretty reasonable compared to hefty vet bills pet owners might need to pay during unexpected health situations and medical emergencies. Contemplate buying pet insurance in the best interests of your little pupper’s health and your finances.

Meanwhile, read this article to learn how to tackle a non-responsive pup.

It is not uncommon for puppy owners to call their dogs to de-escalate intense situations like when their fur companion stalks, chases, catches, or bites another animal. It can be challenging to get the attention of a puppy lost in the moment; in a case like that and many others, try the tips below so the puppy hopefully listens to you.

1.Exhaust your pet

Pent-up energy usually causes this puppy behavior. A simple solution to remedy this habit is to deplete its energy reserves. Working dogs and some large dog breeds generally have a high prey drive and need to expend their energy by completing tasks, so engage such a puppy in productive work to help keep it satisfied and make it listen to your instructions. A game of fetch, retrieving balls and frisbee, tug of war, swimming, walking, running, and agility training can stimulate a puppy physically, mentally and provide it with an opportunity to pursue things and capture them.

  1. Getting the gestures right 

Dogs have a great sense of reading and understanding body language in humans and other dogs. It so happens that dog parents think the signal for their canine to perform a behavior is not actually the sign the canine is responding to. For example, many canine parents think the indication for their pup to sit is by saying the sit command, but many times the dog is responding to a body gesture or movement, such as moving the hand in the air, doing a head nod or taking a step towards the dog. The dog responds when body movement is done correctly, and may not respond if the action isn’t done correctly. It’s important to pinpoint exactly what your dog is responding to, whether it’s a specific word, movement or combination of both, and then practice this exact cue for the dog with every member of the family so the dog will readily respond to the command with whoever asks.

  1. Play fun games

Our canine companions enjoy digging things and hunting down objects. Treasure hunt, treats and toys buried in sand, and sniffing games are much loved by puppies. One can even consider providing their furry pet with puzzle toys or a treat bag that requires a pup to work its way to find and munch on the treats inside. This way, you can divert your furry baby’s excess energy towards more positive things and get it to follow your commands.

4. Clicker training

Clicker training helps with getting the attention of an easily distracted puppy. Follow these three steps to capture a canine furry baby’s undivided attention. Call the furry baby by its name, hold a delectable treat at face level, make a clicking sound and offer the treat when the puppy looks directly at you.

Practice it several times, so the little pooch knows it will be rewarded every time it follows your command. Try this at different places, times, and with distractions so your puppy will be a pro at responding to your commands.

Managing pets can still be challenging because they are unpredictable. A tiny butterfly fluttering around or a squirrel running to a tree is just enough to grab its eyeballs and make it chase them. Accidental falls, injuries, and other damages can’t be ruled out, which is why you must consider being prepared with dog minishortner insurance.

Contemplate purchasing dog insurance as the pet insurance cost can be more affordable than unplanned vet bills that can quickly exhaust your bank account savings.