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Can You Own a Car But Insure it in Someone Elses Name?

If you don’t want to be stuck with someone else’s auto insurance policy, there are some options available. Many insurance companies have special plans for vehicles in someone else’s name. In some cases, you can keep your car on your parents’ policy and add yourself as the owner. In other cases, you may need to prove residency. This is not a problem if you can provide proof of  lpllive residency.

One of the most common mistakes people make is borrowing another person’s car and insuring it in their name. Insurers require proof of ownership, so if you borrow someone’s car, you might end up with a car with no insurance. Obviously, this will be a problem if the car gets stolen. You might be able to prove that you inherited the car, but if you don’t have ownership of the vehicle, you won’t be able to  xekdq claim.

Another option is to get a friend or family member to insure your car. However, this may be difficult because your insurance company will not be able to pay you if you make a claim. If you do this, you may end up being stuck with a car that is worth a lot less than you thought. But there are ways to solve this problem.

Insuring a car that isn’t in your name is legal in most jurisdictions. However, some insurance companies may refuse to insure your car unless you’ve agreed to insure it in their name. Some states require the name on the car’s title match the name on the insurance policy. In other states, the name is not required Huay-online to match.