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Achieving Proficiency in Cyclops: Strategies for Playing Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s Skill Machine Gun

The Spell Machine Gun, also referred to as Cyclops, is an extremely popular character in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. This piece aims to give an extensive guide on how to utilize Cyclops effectively.

The abilities and attributes of Cyclops that are passive in nature are noteworthy.

Cyclops’ passive is called Stellar Hourglass, which cuts the cooldown of all abilities by 0.5 seconds when a skill is used against an enemy. His initial ability, Starry Impact, produces two starry waves which go through opponents, causing magical harm. His next skill, Planetary Attack, calls out five orbs that pursue targets, prioritizing heroes. When used, it briefly boosts Cyclops’ speed. His ultimate ability, Starlit Hourglass, utilizes a massive light sphere to immobilize and deliver enormous damage to a single enemy hero.

Take Advantage of Cyclops’ Second Ability to the Utmost

When playing as Cyclops, it is advised to prioritize upgrading his second skill first. This is due to the fact that the damage from his second skill is more powerful when all targets are hit. Moreover, each successful hit with the second skill will reduce the cooldown of all abilities by 0.5 seconds, compared to the first skill that will only reduce it by 2 times when all enemies are hit. The second skill has the advantage of automatically tracking targets while the first skill requires accurate manual aiming and predicting enemy movements.

Cyclops should be equipped with the Mage Emblem that has been layered with prioritization on movement speed, lifesteal, and a third talent option in that order. The first layer will grant an increase in movement speed, making it easier for Cyclops to move around the map while avoiding any potential risks. Additionally, the second layer offers the benefit of lifesteal, allowing Cyclops to recover health as it deals damage. Last but not least, the third layer offers a variety of talents that can be altered according to the player’s preference and playstyle.

Choosing Magic Spells

When it comes to spells, it is recommended to employ “Flicker” or “Purify.” Flicker can be a useful maneuver for evading upcoming attacks or leaping over walls. Purify is a good selection when contending against heroes with crowd control abilities, since it clears all crowd control effects from Cyclops.

Beginning the Match

Beginning the match can be a key element in a successful game. It is essential to have a solid plan for the early stages of the game and act on that plan. Knowing the strategies of the opponent and understanding the dynamics of the game can help players gain an advantage in the early game.

Unlike other magical heroes who have strong area of effect spells and crowd control abilities, Cyclops needs to be farmed to become powerful. He is particularly vulnerable to enemy ganks in the early stages, so it is best to farm jungle monsters and gank instead of simply staying in the lane. Cyclops is a swift farming jungle champion. To begin the game properly, equip a level 2 jungle axe and take out minions or slay creeps until you reach level 4 or 5. After that, you can gank either top or bottom lane, eliminate turtles, or invade the enemy jungle. Make generous use of his abilities and ultimate, as his passive skill reduces the cooldowns.

Preserving the Condition of Buffs

Cyclops has a very high mana consumption rate, so keeping buffs is essential for him. His cooldowns will decrease with the blue buff, which is especially helpful for him. To ensure that the buffs are grabbed as much as possible, it’s important to collaborate with teammates.

Approach to Playing

One’s style of playing can be described in many ways. It could be considered the way an individual approaches the game, their manner of strategy, and the attitude they have when playing. It can be seen as the tactics they use and their ability to adapt to different situations. Ultimately, it is a reflection of the person’s skill level and their understanding of the game.

Cyclops can defeat foes through a variety of strategies, such as dealing out damage from a mage’s backline, utilizing his ultimate for surprise assaults, or utilizing his secondary skill to counteract enemy assaults. When selecting targets, it is wise to prioritize harm dealers and evade battling tanks and tanks, as they possess greater health and armor. Additionally, it is essential to keep a safe range from enemy heroes to stay away from being targeted by their capabilities. His secondary skill is principally used for pursuing adversaries, whereas his ultimate can be employed to render foes immobile and inflict substantial harm.

The Playstyle of Jungle Cyclops is a unique one. It involves a roaming presence in the jungle areas of the game, with the goal of providing support to their team. This style of play is characterized by a focus on strategic objectives, such as taking control of objectives, and applying pressure to the enemy team. The Jungle Cyclops is an essential ally to help their team win.

Cyclops, as a jungler, has the capability of swiftly and securely eliminating jungle monsters with his second skill. It is suggested to begin with the jungle axe to accelerate to level 4 or 5 fast. Afterwards, proceed to the jungle to acquire buffs and farm. The purple buff, which grants an attack speed boost and extra damage to monsters, is beneficial for Cyclops. Furthermore, invading the opponent’s jungle to seize their buffs is recommended to gain an advantage.

A Roaming Cyclops approach to gameplay is suggested.

Playing Cyclops as a roaming hero can be advantageous, as it allows him to assist allies in different lanes and accomplish objectives. Monitoring the mini-map and coordinating with teammates is essential in order to successfully ambush enemies. His second skill is ideal for pursuing opponents, while his ultimate is great for incapacitating them so that they can be taken out with ease.

Using a Late Game Cyclops approach to gaming can be advantageous. This style of play focuses on having power and resources by the end of the game, allowing the player to outlast their opponents. As such, the strategy involves slowly building up and conserving resources, while biding time until the player has the upper hand.

As the match progresses, Cyclops’ offensive capabilities become more potent, able to dish out damage to numerous foes. Nonetheless, he can still be easily put in a bad spot by crowd control abilities and high burst damage. Hence, proper positioning is key to preventing this. His skills and ultimate should be used judiciously, with a focus on the enemies who pose the most threat to the team.

To Summarize

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Cyclops is the most ideal jungle hero. While he might be considered feeble in the early stages of the game, he will become a powerful character upon developing over a certain period of time. For those seeking to quickly build their economy and acquire powerful gear, downloading the Redfinger Android emulator from Cloud Emulator will provide access to helpful tips.


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